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Anyone who's interested in building a successful cyber security practice, I highly recommend working with Mr. David Stelzl. David's strategy is in a league of it's own. The knowledge and insight David offers has high value for addressing executives and business owners that need assistance with security-related challenges. David's guidance will direct you in a more efficient way to call on accounts your targeting. This is a MUST READ! 

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“This works! I attended David's training over seven years ago and it changed my entire sales process. Now I’ve gone through a second time. Using these strategies I am closing more business with higher margins. This month I made top sales rep out of a team of 114, and hit over 400% of my quota!”

"120% of Quota in 6 Months!" - Dan Pawlak, Akamai

Thanks, David! I read your book after we spoke last year. It was a great refresher and I used these concepts when working to convince several large cloud and SAAS providers to license security products from our company... My mid-year I was already at 120% of my annual goal!

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Well, David’s done it again. His latest book, The House & The Cloud, brings forward the latest positioning of why Security is so important and “how to succeed” in not only selling Security but how to become a trusted advisor to your clients.  Please don’t miss reading David’s book. As well, please go to David’s website;  David has a number of offerings from consulting to newsletters to training and more that we can all benefit from; Cisco, our Partners, and our clients.
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