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  • Security Is Urgent - You And I Know It. Discover the one big reason business leaders don't listen, and how to convert them!
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Here's What You'll Get...
- Enrollment in The Security Sales Mastery Training Program...And easy to use program, giving you a tested process for attracting decision makers, grabbing their attention, and closing long term, high margin MSP/MSSP business ... ($997 Value).

- BONUS: Weekly coaching - Let us guide you through a transformation - giving you easy access to expertise through weekly coaching calls - (Conducted By David Stelzl, CISSP)! ($2400 value)

- BONUS: Marketing Success Kit - In the training I told you we were converting close to 100% of our attendees to an assessment in just 60 minutes. Sign up today and I'll send you step by step instructions along with a complete training program, prewritten invitation letters, and the closing scripts I use every month ...($997 value).
All Together You'll Get Over $6400 Worth of Business Building Strategies, Tools, and Templates... For Just $997 *****
What People Are Saying:
"David has opened up a whole new level of business opportunity after many years of selling high-end technology solutions. Through his training and coaching program I now have the tools I need to move higher up in the companies I am working with; effective discovery strategies, executive level questions to ask, and a process to move from selling products to advising clients. One of the first opportunities we worked on went from a 65 thousand dollar assessment to over half a million in products and services! ". 
- Greg Bartolo, ePlus
It's hard to say this about many people, but with regards to our industry "David gets it."

I've found David to be of very high morals, very knowledgeable about the subject matter to which he speaks, and very professional in his delivery. He's helped me identify how we should be tweaking our business model and how we should be getting the message out about SDG. 
- Glen Combs, SDG
“Your stuff works Dave, Thanks for the advice! I like to deal with CEO’s only, in the SMB space, because they have the checkbook; they are the asset owners.

Talking to them about technology is really tough. But when talking about Operational Efficiencies, Data Risk, or obtaining those efficiencies and Costs reductions, I can tell you my margins have doubled, sales are taken to a higher level, and the CIO/IT guy and the CFO are now only supporters or influencers, not decision makers.

This has opened up a whole new sales discussion and approach.”. 
- Doug Baker, ICE
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